Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to use KiK Messenger..?

What is kik a lot of you may ask ah, well it is a free messenger that allows you to message anybody um in the world.Basically and it doesn't cost anything. You can get this from the iTunes Store for your iPad iPod arm iPod touch and your iPhone.

So what does it do how does it work and all that stuff well.I want to go over like the small basics kik apk is going through like a lot of changes where you can have you know like you can use memes photo bomb image search YouTube videos and 20 pics. but I'm not going to go over those today. Because I mean I really haven't used them too much and not really that relevant to me.

So we're going to go ahead and just go and start off with the settings and as you see you have everything you have your your account privacy chatting settings help and about us and your notifications. So let's go ahead and start with your account your account is your main thing. your name your username will be whatever you know you want it to be as for your regular name. Your display name is how you appear to your friends that's different from user name. It identified you on kik and is used to share your info with others as it says. So basically that covers your account kind of and then you can tell friends about kik through via SMS via email or social networks and there are the sound notifications.

You can ignore people and there is the LED coloring but I don't really know what the LED coloring is and I really don't care about that and then chatting settings. They've added a few colors of two new colors to kik which is orange and red for those of you who do have a kik in that update and that actually was just one of my friends. That just kicked me kicker kik heads.

However you pronounce it so we're going to go ahead and change the bubble color to a nice gold and we're going to go and check on "Amy" who is my friend on here.

Vanilla Sky Lang loves up wake up up I just woke so look so that's awesome. I just came up with a new word look. So anyway that's some that's a headset set so that's good here and um my two best friends hunter and they're up that's Dutch D F that's Jeff - Jeff a good job strong. I don't have to take a cha'aka alright anyway um email yourself . I could have that anyway um I'm going to go over a few cons about this. This beautiful thing of called kik.

One you cannot change your username as I said before. you can only change your display name as for the chats. you can have more, you can have a group chat on here only thing is you can't call through kik and I'm not entirely too sure if it is for the PC. One of my friends um dart explosion 10 or Hunter says that he has it for PC. But I don't know he might but I'm not entirely too sure you can look that up but yeah I'm not entirely sure you can't like it doesn't say like if you were to go in like. how Skype is would you like to join the call for this it doesn't give you an option. If you want to like join a group chat it'll just automatically add you and that kind of bet that sucks a little bit, because you might not just want to be in it your job.

But anyway I'm going to teach you How to you make one I mean well not make one. but how what'd you do to get one so reset kik. Are you sure you like to reset you will lose your conversation history we will need to login or register again, so yeah I already know my registry code and everything so I'm good, but here is the registering screen. if you are new to kik you will register and all your going to give is your first name your last name a username your email and a good password that you will and will remember.So I'm going to go ahead and log back in you guys I want you to see this so I'll be really quick okay..

So we are back in kik and as you as it as it did it erased all of my conversations. but luckily it doesn't
erase all your contacts. so that is a blessing and the search thing up here will allow you to search anyone that has a kik username.

What am i doing well. now I'm going to show you how to change your icon picture and your user and not user name but you're your own screening. so what do you click on your icon and it says profile picture take 1 or choose an existing one. so I'm going to go ahead and choose one from my gallery and I'm probably going to go with probably this. That's nice. this nice planet background egg thing and I'm going to save it dummy rules and now it's for you go to your account. I'll go I will go back because I'm sorry if I'm going fast you go to your account your name click that dami rules and then you can back out to first and last and you can put something like fifth rules the park or something like that I don't know it's it's it's your kik thing be creative do what you want. it's up to you, but um it doesn't cost anything and like I said once again you can get this on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store as well for your arm for your iPhone iPad arm your iPod Touch 4th or 5th gen.

It doesn't matter I think you might be able to get it for third gen. but who carries around a third gen anymore. if you do then congratulations!!!

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